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NVDA (nonvisual Desktop Access) is a free and open source screen reader for Microsoft Windows. It is developed by NV Access - a non-profit organisation based in Australia - with contributions a world-whide community of users and developers. I’m proud to be a part of that community. If you don’t know much about what a screen reader is, please go here and also check the NVDA Web Page to know why this project is different from other software solutions for the same need.

I started contributing to NVDA in 2007 when the project was in its beginnings. Me and some friends translated the software user interface and documentation to portuguese and I did some minor code contributions. Meanwhile, we started engaging the portuguese speaking community, either creating user discussion groups and web sites with tutorials and reference information about the project, or giving speeches and training to users, whenever possible.

More recently, my code contributions increased. I designed and implemented a good part of nvda’s Add-ons system which allows external entities to easily add extra functionality to the program. I myself contributed some add-on packages which you can find here... I also contributed code to improve support of various Braille displays and helped in new features to the braille subsystem, such as computer braille input.

I developed, under contracted work from Tiflotecnia, Lda., NVDA support for the Nuance Vocalizer Speech Synthesizer and all the systems around it.


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