About Me

My name is Rui Batista. I’m a blind software developer and accessibility consultant/evangelist from Lisbon, Portugal.

I own a degree in Information Systems and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior técnico (Lisbon University) and had been doing my master’s degree (MSC) in this area and university. Just needed to deliver the thesis, although work h gotin the way for too long.

I currently work for E dot Near as a Scala backend developer. My past profissional experience was mainly on accessibility related projects and system backend programming.

I worked for Altran Portugal, in the public Sector / Life Sciences devision. I created under contract work TIPA PDF, an accessible PDF Reader for iPhone, iPod and iPad, and the Vocalizer for NVDA product. I have also been contributing to free / open source software projects such as the NVDA Screen Reader (and some add-ons). You can check my Github or Bitbucket profiles for more code contributions.

My interests range from programming languages (Scala, Haskell, Clojure,…) into software architecture, distributed systems and systems cloud infrastructures.

you may read my full CV here.

To contact me you can reach me on twitter at [@ragb](http://twitter.com/ragb) or by mail to mail at ruiandrebatista dot com.